This project provides .NET facade for using IndySDK C callable API.


IndySDK project does include a .NET wrapper. The IndySDK DotNet wrapper expects developers to know the intrisic details of IndySDK, explicitly needing to know the data contracts. Not necessarily a bad thing, but _it does make it every unfriendly and difficult to use._

We believe DotNot engineers should work with a library that is much easier to use and less fragile. This means object oriented approach over json string data manipulation.

IndyDotNet (this project) benefits (and goals) of this implementation are: - Work with defined types. No need to understand the data contracts and json structure. - Make calls synchronously or asynchronously as you need with ease. No need to make ever call asynchronous needlessly. - Much better isolatation of the IndySDK API resulting in your projects being less fragile. - Better compatibility between IndySDK versions. - Better support on all OSes (depends on IndySDK ability to address OS specific handling as well, unfortunately) - Better error messages. - More intutitive CLI implementation. - DotNetPay serves as an example for implementing specific Indy SDK Payment API. - For you developers, a true object oriented implementation that follows SOLID principles.

# LICENSE MIT Apache 2.0

# Components of this project See [PROJECTS.md](PROJECTS.md)

# Project Documentation [PROJECTS.md](PROJECTS.md) - describes the projects that make up this repo [TESTING.md](TESTING.md) - how to setup environment for running the tests [TODOS.md](TODOS.md) - important engineering topics to be completed

## Acknowledgements Thank you to the indy-sdk-dotnet wrapper project members for assistance, even if indirectly helping us. It would have been much more time consuming if we only had the IndySDK rust libraries to rely on for information.

# See Also https://github.com/hyperledger/indy-sdk